White Paper: How to recognise differences in workforce attitudes towards sustainability

It is a truism to say that we are all different – particularly when it comes to attitudes towards sustainability. At Ailuna we have created our own classification of behavioural segmentation – based
on different shades of green – as a way of targeting an employee engagement project around sustainability. 

So given this approach, what are the characteristics that help understand different user behaviours?

Dark greens

Employees who are already the most committed to sustainability, primarily driven by their beliefs. They are probably vegan, and are adept at circularity, driving an electric or hybrid car, and almost certainly vote green.

Mid greens

The “consciously aware” employees when it comes to sustainability. They know the need for change and are proactive when it comes to engagement. 

Light greens

The “consciously inept” employees when it comes to sustainability. Often part of a higher age profile working demographic, they know that their generation has been a cause of climate change, but they don’t know yet what to do to put it right. 

Non greens

All organisations will have them, and they are not for change as they are unconsciously unaware when it comes to sustainability. They believe that it is someone else’s responsibility to save the planet and that their actions don’t matter.

Employee engagement
From an employee engagement perspective, it’s all about moving people from one cohort to the next – from light green to mid-green for example.

The greater the proportion of employees who engage with the Ailuna app, the more actions are completed and habits are changed. 

Ailuna as a business is super clear about how we solve a real and immediate client issue – getting employees to take action – and the role that we can help play in delivering a corporate sustainability solution.

Download our white paper for an in-depth analysis of how to design your employee engagement programme.

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