Corporate Sustainability Training - Why Ailuna for Business?

It’s an increasingly competitive and hot topic – it seems like a new net zero or waste reduction app is being launched every month. A HSBC ‘Future of Work’ survey in 2021 showed that nearly all business leaders (96%) understand that getting buy in and engagement from their workforce is essential for building sustainability practices.

Ailuna is part of that movement that is set to become the market leader in user engagement. The one thing that we do really, really well is delivering engaging sustainable habit building behaviour change.  We have spent the past two years building and proving a sustainability training app. It makes it fun for consumers to develop habits that feel good for the user and are good for the planet.

Corporate Sustainability Training

We’re ready now to apply that learning to company teams because we know:

  • We’re easy to use and share
  • We have achievable and realistic goals and actions
  • We have a wide and growing range of actions – always something for someone
  • We offer continual progress and development. It’s not a ‘one off’ project.

With Ailuna, users are not being asked to do a new thing every day. It might be fun, but it doesn’t drive action. Our approach is rooted in behavioural science. It starts with team actions that last for a month along with group chat to drive community engagement. Add to that leaderboard results reporting. It is perfect for any extrinsic incentives and rewards that you might decide to offer as gamification prizes for your staff. 

Corporate Sustainability Training

People and organisations are waking up to the importance of taking care of the environment.

And at times of rising costs, there are money saving opportunities too – by reducing energy waste, managing travel policies that balance office and remote working, and exploiting ESG scope 3 cost reductions across supply chains.

Once you have framed the business problem that you want to tackle, then you can develop bespoke theme based tracks within Ailuna. For example,  “Waste Warrior”. It consists of a series of actions that users need to complete in order to earn/graduate. This groups multiple actions around that theme, which users strive to complete, in much the same way that a scout earns badges. This enables those deeper, belief fuelled intrinsic employee motivations.

When it comes to engagement, just having a focal point around a theme is only half of the solution. What we know from the early adopter businesses using Ailuna is that competition drives usage. As a consequence, it makes sustainability a fun and rewarding experience.  This means we can help companies speed up the pace of change. What we know – and what makes us different – is that belief in sustainability follows action. It matters more what you do and so we encourage users to take that first step and then reinforce those new habits. Everyone changes together to become advocates. 

The end of term annual ‘Impact Report’ that Ailuna produces is an important tangible benefit for companies to measure the collective outcome of employee sustainability habits, which can be broken down across teams, sites and objectives. Together this can be aggregated to show the impact of company sustainability projects, as a key input to your overall corporate CO2 reporting.

We know that taking action is the best way for users to create new positive self-beliefs around the impact that they can have around sustainability. It is that positivity that drives lasting change.


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