The Waterwise Water Saving Week action

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Ailuna is delighted to announce a partnership with Waterwise this Water Saving Week. Together, we have created the “Waterwise Water Saving Week” action, a 5-day challenge that will help you be mindful of your water use, reduce how much water you are consuming, and communicate changes and ideas with others.

In this post, we will dig a little deeper into the action (sustainability training program) including an introduction to Waterwise, the reasons and issues behind the action and some helpful tips, advice and resources to make sure you can take the action and earn your badge for succeeding!

What is Waterwise?

Waterwise is a UK-based NGO, dedicated to promoting the benefits of water efficiency. 

Waterwise supports individuals, organisations and industry to adopt an ambitious approach to water use. They also challenge governments and campaign for systematic change, to help ensure water efficiency and water sustainability are high on the agenda.

Each year in May, Waterwise runs the Water Saving Week campaign, to help people to address specific challenges and changes they can make to their habits in order to conserve water and raise awareness.

In 2021, Water Saving Week runs from Monday 17th to Friday 21st May.

Why is saving water a good idea?

It’s easy to forget that it takes a lot of energy to purify and supply tap water. Saving water preserves natural resources and reduces carbon emissions!

Water shortages are becoming more and more commonplace, and the easiest way to make sure there is enough water to go round is to be mindful of how much we are using as individuals. But we can also go a little further, by speaking to our friends, family, employers and people in the community about water efficiency.

This Water Saving Week, the theme is saving water outside of the home. But if you would like to learn about some ways you can save water at home too, this post should help.

What is the Water Saving Week action?

The Water Saving Week action will help you reduce your water consumption. communicate with others about saving water and build a water-saving habit that will last a lifetime!

As with other Ailuna actions, we will support you throughout each day with tips, hacks, and advice. If you have any questions, the Ailuna team and the Ailuna in-app community will be there by your side.

To take the action, first download Ailuna from the App Store or Google Play Store  Then find the Water Saving Week action and click “Accept action”. You’ll then be guided through the setup process, ready to get started with all the other action-takers. If successful, you’ll gain an Ailuna badge in your app at the end of the week.

Do I need any special equipment or preparation before I start the action?

Great news: You can start saving water straight away without any special equipment. You might find that your water company can offer you some free gadgets to help though so please check their website.

Tips for success:

  1. Use a watering can to water your garden, and water at dawn or dusk to minimise evaporation. 
  2. Learn about dual flush buttons. Make sure you know which button is for the longer flush and only use it when necessary!
  3. Shorten those showers – use a timer or choose a short track from this fun Spotify playlist:

Need help?

If you take this action during Water Saving Week, the Ailuna team will be on hand every day in the Ailuna app community to offer help, guidance and support. And guess what? If you take it any other time, the same applies, along with being able to chat and swap ideas with other people taking the action. So whenever you start the action, you’ll have access to the help and support you need.

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