31-day Vegan Meal Plan 2023

31-day vegan meal plan 2023 – 31 breakfasts, lunches and dinners

 Our downloadable 31-day vegan meal plan for 2023 is an interactive PDF with links to 93 of our favourite plant-based recipes. So you’ll never be stuck for vegan meal ideas again! 

What kinds of meals are in our 31-day vegan meal plan for 2023?

We’ve tried to keep the selection of meals in our 31-day vegan meal plan as varied as possible. From super-simple overnight oats for breakfast, to more adventurous portobello mushroom wellington and delicious roasted cauliflower soup, we’ve got all tastes and cooking abilities covered.

How to avoid meal planning overwhelm

This meal plan has been created to provide inspiration and ideas when planning your meals. We know that a lot of people are at work during the day, so cooking up a lunch isn’t possible. Or you might be the type to just grab a banana and a coffee before you rush out the door in the morning, so whipping up waffles isn’t going to work.

Another great tip is to plan in advance as much as you can, as well as being realistic about what you can manage with the time and energy you have. There’s no point trying to cook a huge roast dinner on a Thursday evening after a spin class and a full day at work – you’ll probably end up giving up and reaching for something familiar. So go easy on yourself, plan your meals a few days in advance but don’t worry if you end up switching things around a little.

This meal plan isn’t meant to be followed to the letter – it’s simply a way for us to share our favourite vegan recipes with you. You get to choose when you use it and when you reach for the takeaway menu. Have fun!

How to get the 31-day vegan meal plan

It’s easy! Simply drop your details into the form below and you’ll receive a link to download our 31-day vegan meal plan in your inbox within minutes. It’s fully clickable, so when you see a recipe you like on the PDF, simply click the title and you’ll be taken straight to the recipe.

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