Welcome to the Unplug your devices action!

We challenge you to unplug (or switch off at the plug socket) all devices at your workstation when not in use! Join in whilst working from home, at college, or from the office. 

Switching off standby could save a typical UK household up to £55 a year.  28% of the average individual’s carbon footprint in the UK is from energy!

Focus on the electronics at your workstation; laptops, phones, monitors, fans, radiators and radios – anything which you feel responsible for during your working day.

There are some simple adjustments you can make to your laptop and phone to help the battery last longer; reducing screen brightness, turning off Bluetooth and updating software. 

Here’s what is recommended by some common brands:







Go the extra mile and switch off electrical items around the home, such as TVs and microwaves. Share or print one of our graphics to act as a gentle reminder.

How this action will work

Pop into Ailuna daily to update your progress –  you’ll get solutions for common obstacles to help you nail this habit. Share your progress and see how your peers are doing in the community space. 

To get even more from this action, check out the ‘Hacks’ and ‘External reading’ sections!