Tim Walker the Carbon Coach at his allotment in Taunton
Sustainability Program Designer Tim lives in Taunton in the south-west of England. Tim researches and develops the habit-building actions you see in the Ailuna app so he’s part responsible for all the amazing new habits Ailuna users are building. 
In 2018, Tim made the decision to leave his career in corporate retail management and go to university to study environmental science. After graduating in 2021 he really wanted to help others lead more environmentally-friendly lives and so he founded My Carbon Coach, a low/no waste retail space in his home town. His customers are a lovely mix of eco “veterans” and newcomers coming in to see what swaps and new habits they can make. It was that drive to help others help the planet that made Ailuna so appealing to Tim.


When he first joined Ailuna, Tim commented that he loves how enthusiastic the whole team is, and how we’re a really close-knit group of like-minded individuals, despite being spread across several continents!

Outside of work, Tim has lots of hobbies, but his biggest passion at the moment is his allotment. He’s had it since the start of 2020 and describes himself as “still very much a novice”. But he loves the connection to the soil, eating what he grows, seeing how he can support local wildlife with his crop choices, and just having a peaceful space outdoors to enjoy and relax in.
Tim likes to think that he lives as sustainably as he can within his means. He has never owned a car, and about six months ago finally made the switch to being fully plant-based. He’s had his eye on the “Start Reducing Your Waste” Action in the Ailuna app, as that is one area he feels he could definitely make improvements to.
If Tim had a sustainability magic wand, he would love to make cars vanish! The roads could become green highways for nature to come back into our towns and cities. Countries would need to invest more into infrastructure and public transport, which would not only greatly help to mitigate emissions and climate change, but would increase living standards more evenly across society giving access to cheap transport and green spaces to everyone.