We’ve decided that you are never too old for a bit of household rivalry so to help your family (or housemates) remember the switches, why not start a bulb chart!  You can either make your own on a piece of scrap paper or a blackboard or download ours. 

Just click the button for the PDF version or you can just download the image below:

It’s simple: award one bulb every time someone turns off an unneeded light. The person with the most bulbs at the end of the week wins! 

 Have fun creating the winning prize – e.g. No weekend chores, a free night at the pub, a massage of choice, or a big bowl of your favourite snack!

Our tips: 

 – Use scrap paper – we’re all about reusing and recycling here.

– Download directly from a computer or download it to your phone or save it as a picture to your camera roll then email it to yourself for printing.

– Or keep it digital – download and save in your photos – each time someone switches a light off, mark it off with an emoji or a tick. 

 Let’s go turn off some lights!