Originally from Southend-On-Sea in Essex and now living in Northeast London, Sajid is working to build partnerships and engagement with businesses for AIluna. He’s looking forward to forging relationships with partners, sponsors and advertisers, to extend the good the Ailuna app and community can do.

Since 1998, Sajid has worked in sales for companies in the tech sector, as well as being involved with many charity campaigns. His “other” background in acting and entertainment has led to him fronting a number of TV charity appeals, and he has also been involved with charity at grassroots level as a fundraiser.

Describing himself as creative and compassionate, Sajid loves producing short films and feature films and has founded a charity that aims to change the negative stereotypes of Muslims on screen. He loves outdoor pursuits, including hiking, camping and cycling, and also spends time, along with his family, helping in their local community, looking out for neighbours and volunteering at local events.

Sajid and his family are making efforts to live a more sustainable lifestyle; they cycle or walk as much as possible instead of driving, and make sure they recycle everything they can. Sajid’s children are also dedicated litter pickers, and they also regularly give their unwanted or outgrown toys and clothes to charity.

Sajid is looking forward to using the Ailuna app to formulate some good habits of his own and seeing first hand the impact Ailuna can have.

If Sajid was given the power to make one big change in the world tomorrow, he would apply a well-known quote from the Prophet Muhammad: “None of you will believe until you love for your brother what you love for yourself.” He says that if we all lived by this value, we would be in a much more compassionate world.