Ruth works alongside Gemma, Linnea and Rosie, researching and writing content for the Ailuna app. She also helps with growing the Ailuna community through her network of sustainability and ethical living contacts, as well as helping select the products that will be sold in the Ailuna webshop.

Originally from Oxford in the UK, Ruth now lives just outside of Bath. She runs her own blog called The Green Shopper, where she writes about ethical and sustainable shopping choices. Ruth has always been passionate about living a more sustainable lifestyle and helping to teach others to do the same, and is very excited about Ailuna being a part of her efforts to spread the word. She loves the fact that the Ailuna team, whilst geographically spread out, is welcoming and very close-knit. 

Ruth has a background in book design and illustration, and has had seven children’s books published, mainly concentrating on how things are made and educating children on where their everyday items and foods come from.

When she’s not working, Ruth loves spending time outdoors with her son. Recently they’ve been taking part in lots of forest school-style activities, like pond dipping and plant identification. 

Ruth tries to live as sustainably as possible in many ways. She took part in a challenge called Waste Free February last year and has managed to maintain her household waste to less than a small shopping bag every week, for a family of three!

Ruth and her family don’t own a car, so they walk or cycle almost everywhere. They’ve taken many holidays by train in the past, including taking the train all the way from the UK to Venice! They’re pescatarian and take great care to make sure the food they eat is as sustainably sourced and produced as possible, including supporting the organic movement.

If Ruth could click her fingers and solve a sustainability issue overnight, she would find a replacement material for plastic that was truly sustainable in every sense. This would include making sure it had a completely carbon neutral manufacturing process, no negative impact on any other areas and could disappear easily without a trace once it was no longer being used.