Originally from the South West of England, Rosie is a devoted traveller so the rest of the Ailuna team are usually in awe of her current location on our weekly catch ups. Wherever she is, though, Rosie is always working on background research and building of the content in the Ailuna app, as well as giving insight and inspiration into living a lower-impact lifestyle to the team and the Ailuna community.

She certainly practices what she preaches when it comes to living green. Her low waste approach to living means she rarely uses her “general waste” bin, she is vegan, and also loves to share her knowledge with others on social media. She says that eco travel is her biggest challenge right now but she hopes that a lot more sustainable options will be introduced in the coming years

When she’s not working, Rosie is passionate about practising and teaching yoga, cooking, reading and researching more ways to further reduce her impact. Oh and she’s also a nanny, animal carer and house sitter so we’re all planning on going on holiday and leaving our houses, pets and children in her safe hands!

If Rosie could implement one big change to make a positive impact on the planet she would abolish all types of non-organic farming.