Renée is Ailuna’s product and impact strategy advisor. Her wealth of knowledge and experience including people performance, communications, leadership and program development stems from a 20-year background in corporate roles in advertising, technology, NGOs and today as an independent consultant.

A passionate environmentalist, Renée started The  Decarbonista Project to inspire individuals to engage with our global climate problem through a  blame-free, data-driven approach to changing their lives and reducing their impact.   Renée makes everyday carbon footprint reduction accessible and engaging and inspires busy people to help become the climate solution. 

Over the past two years, she has reduced her own carbon footprint by over 10 tonnes and continues to make changes to her everyday habits and those of her family, to further reduce their impact.

When she’s not working, Renée loves spending time outdoors and partaking in various sports in and around where she lives in Zurich, Switzerland. She loves exploring the world with her daughter, running, walking her Havanese dog “Finney” and spending valuable time with friends and family. Originally from Seattle, Washington, Renée and her family now have dual Swiss citizenship and consider themselves as much Swiss as they do American.

If Renée could wave a magic environmental wand to tackle one big issue overnight, she would do away with fossil fuels and transform all power plants to produce renewable energy only.