Alongside Justina, Louise creates content and runs social media campaigns for Ailuna across all channels, as well as assisting with user support, and working to test and refine Ailuna’s dares in the app. Louise lives on the beautiful Danish island of Samsø, which gives her a million sustainability points instantly because the island is already 100% powered by renewable energy. According to, the carbon footprint of each of Samsø’s residents is negative 12 tons per inhabitant! 

Louise has an academic profession degree in marketing management and is currently working towards a top-up in innovation and entrepreneurship. She loves her work on Ailuna because it gives her the opportunity to share her experience of trying to live more sustainably through Ailuna’s social media channels, as well as connecting with lots of like-minded members of the Ailuna community.

In her spare time, Louise loves spending time walking and playing with her dog, as well as doing anything else that involves spending time outdoors.

Louise already buys 90% of her clothes in second-hand stores and she spends time each week planning her meals in advance to avoid waste as much as possible. If Louise could make one major change to improve the world tomorrow she would get rid of all plastics.