Without Lars and co-founder Helene, there would be no Ailuna! Describing himself as passionate, ambitious and trustworthy, Lars is using these qualities, as well as his love for building things from scratch to create a community-based app that he hopes will make a huge positive impact on the planet.

Whilst he doesn’t pretend to be a sustainability activist or expert, Lars is passionate about building something that will help people make more environmentally-friendly choices and create long-term habits to make a difference.

As far as his sustainability journey to date is concerned, Lars has already completely cut meat – except for the occasional fish dish – out of his diet, owns (and adores!) his purple Renault Zoe electric car, and has also made a lot of effort to make sustainable choices in his day-to-day life. These include buying a reusable coffee cup and water bottle, changing to LED light bulbs, avoiding plastic wherever possible and recycling absolutely anything that it’s possible to recycle.

Lars’ two main passions are fishing and keeping fit. He’s completed an impressive 12 Ironman races and other endurance sports events so is no stranger to swimming, cycling, running and cross country skiing! His love for building things extends beyond apps, too. When he’s not working, Lars likes to make and build anything with his hands, from bikes to fishing rods, or things in the garden together with Helene, which has the added benefit of giving him a well-earned rest from the screens he relies so heavily on at work.

If Lars had an environmental magic wand, he would devise solutions to transportation-related impacts on the environment, as well as breathing life back into parts of the world where humans have caused damage to wildlife and nature, such as the Amazon rainforest.