Originally from Russia and now living in Bangkok, Thailand, Katrina started her career in technology, first as a software tester. She progressed to being a business analyst and then a product release manager. It was during a career break after having children that she came to the realisation that she wanted to put her skills to use in a more impactful way, so when she found Ailuna, it felt like a perfect fit!

As Ailuna’s Product Manager, Katrina works with a lot of data! She analyses, deconstructs and re-analyses data to help the development team build the best possible products for our users, as well as working with the design and UX team to make sure everyone gets the very best experience.

Outside of work, Katrina loves to read factual books, and she also practices yoga and meditation, as well as getting outside in nature as much as possible. She and her husband have hiked Mount Kinabalu in Borneo, which she describes as “a real challenge”, mainly due to the local climate.

Katrina describes green living in Thailand as pretty difficult. This doesn’t deter her though – she buys sponges made from coconut, uses reusable bags and solar chargers wherever possible.  She focuses on speaking to her children as much as possible about green energy and green technology, and they also help clean the local beaches as a family. She says that helping Ailuna is a great way to help others change their habits to be greener, which feels like a positive personal contribution in itself.

If Katrina could wave a magic wand to tackle one big issue overnight, she would give everybody in the world a guaranteed minimum income. She believes that this change will help to solve many social issues such as poverty, crime, depression, addictions, inequality and most of all will give people a sense of security which will give them more energy and time to focus on their personal and professional growth.