Ailuna’s CTO Karl is from Leipzig in Germany and grew up surrounded by music, singing with the St Thomas Boys Choir and playing piano. As an adult, Karl grew to love the creativity that comes with programming and entrepreneurship, and now leads IT and development teams to help build complex systems such as AI and e-government systems, as well as apps like Ailuna, of course!

Karl loves the fact his work allows him to use all of his skills and personality traits. From his optimism and ability to see potential in everyone,  to using his entrepreneurial spirit. creativity and analytical skills to plan the best way to develop and create systems and apps, and to manage the teams that build them.

In his spare time, Karl is currently in the process of building a house with his wife, which they are designing to be as passive and energy efficient as possible. He still loves to play the piano, and also enjoys team sports and spending time with his family.

In order to live more sustainably, Karl already makes an effort to use clothes for as long as possible, as well as avoiding disposable coffee cups and plastic bottles. He and his family actively try to use as little energy as possible. Even though Karl is a “tech guy” and loves new and evolving technology, he always tries to repair his devices instead of discarding them and buying a new one. He also helps his friends and family to get more life out of their own devices. Karl is also very aware of the impact his lifestyle has on the planet and he carefully considers what he and his family consumes, and therefore only uses what is absolutely necessary.

If Karl could make one big change to the world tomorrow, it would be giving people the power and confidence to overcome their own barriers and achieve their potential, whether personal or professional. He sees potential in everyone and would like everyone to be able to recognise and have the energy and motivation to act on that potential.