From the mysterious country of Lithuania, “Justina Smile”, as she is widely known, works alongside Louise, managing our social media content and strategy, as well as taking care of the wider Ailuna community. She loves the fact that her work with Ailuna is flexible and creative, as well as constantly evolving!

Justina is a nature fanatic, and takes any opportunity to get away from the crowds and into the wilderness. Her greatest passion, however, is photography – she never leaves the house without her camera and has photographed many weddings and other events.

If Justina ruled the world, she would make electric cars affordable for everyone to help cut transport-related emissions.

When asked how she is planning on living in more eco-friendly ways, Justina said she’s excited about trying shampoo bars for the first time. Her journey into living more sustainably has already involved reducing her meat intake as well as replacing some of her usual household products with more eco-friendly alternatives.

Her two cats, Mickey and Minnie, are always keeping a close eye on her and are wondering how Ailuna might help them live more sustainably, too!