Ailuna’s co-founder Helene is the environmental driver behind the app. Helene has been interested in everything to do with the environment for many years and was feeling more and more uneasy about the damage we do to the planet by consuming and taking resources without really thinking. Helene and Lars have worked together for many years, both in the IT industry and also running a company that distributed bikes and triathlon accessories. Their combination of technical and commercial background alongside their interest in sustainability is how they came to create Ailuna.

Helene loves her work on Ailuna because it gives her an opportunity to share ideas, and discuss how to bring an idea to life in the app. The most satisfying part is following the whole process to the end to see our users benefiting from using the app.

The thing Helene is most excited about for the future of Ailuna, is watching the numbers of saved plastic bottles, coffee cups and other single use items growing as more and more people use the app. Helping people to change and understand the impact they can have on the world and seeing the community thrive.

Helene is already a huge advocate for no-waste cooking and loves to create new recipes, such as some delicious-sounding banana skin burgers. She also uses shampoo bars, a bamboo toothbrush, cycles to work and uses no-peat compost in her garden. Helene and Lars also own an electric car and take part in litter picking events in their community.

If Helene had the power to change the world tomorrow she would make plastic a currency so people would be able to make an income from it and value it rather than discarding it, resulting in cleaner oceans and saving marine life.