Originally from a small town in Northern Denmark called Humlebæk, and now residing in Copenhagen, Frederikke is working as Ailuna’s Program Manager. So far this has involved some project work in market analysis, as well as working with the Product Management teams and helping to develop “Ailuna for X“, Ailuna’s programs for government, business, education, and charities.

Frederikke has always been interested in sustainability, which led her to set up her own Instagram account a few years ago, helping and inspiring people to make more sustainable choices. She is also studying social science and work-life studies at university. Her studies have involved a project every semester, and the projects she chooses are always related to sustainability.

Before working with Ailuna, Frederikke was an intern at Gaia, a green investment company, so she has written a lot of articles about how to use your money in a sustainable & ethical way. Furthermore Frederikke has worked with engagement within a community at Gaia. The focus here, has been to build a community around shared values and interests in sustainability, in a holistic way. This is also why Frederikke will be working on building the community at Ailuna and evolve Ailuna for X..

Frederikke loves working with Ailuna because of the international nature of the team, as well as being able to see the process of building a startup and seeing how our users are benefiting from Ailuna in real time.

In her daily life, the biggest change she has made is to stop eating meat. She was raised in a family that ate meat for every meal so reducing her intake has been a huge step on her sustainability journey. She is also into sustainable fashion – most of her clothes are second hand. Professionally, she has made a commitment to devoting her life and her career to sustainability, so every company she works for will need to have an environmental or social purpose at its heart

When she’s not working or studying, she loves finding new recipes for vegetarian cooking, as well as writing and visiting karaoke bars. She also loves finding small projects that help her incorporate more green habits into her life, such as making her own makeup removal wipes.

If Frederikke had a sustainability magic wand, she would change the way humans value nature. She feels like if we have a more intrinsic relationship with nature, changing our habits to protect it would be much more natural and more easy for humans to engage with.