Fred officially looks after Ailuna’s business development and e-commerce, but in reality, he’s a master of a lot of different areas and this is why he loves working on projects like Ailuna (and why we love having him around!). Fred and Ailuna founder Lars have worked together in several capacities over the last 10 years and they both share a mutual love for building startups from the ground up.

Fred’s background is predominantly in technology-based companies, so he loves the fact that Ailuna gives him the opportunity to work with a tech startup that also incorporates a social and environmental element. He also loves the flexibility and opportunity to constantly learn new skills that comes with working with startups. 

Fred describes himself as analytical, goal-orientated and direct, qualities that help him both at work and with the various projects and experiments he conducts with his family at home. HIs latest projects include a semi-automated indoor cactus garden with programmed lights to help the cacti flower, as well as a sunflower garden and a robot-based furniture upcycling project that we can’t wait to see when it’s finished!

Fred thinks there’s plenty of scope in his own life to build new habits and live more sustainably so he’s looking forward to the app launching so he can start implementing some changes.

If he had the power to make one big change to improve the world, Fred would ensure people worked for something other than money. He says that a money-driven society is not in tune with nature or with doing good. If we could devise systems that would promote living healthy lifestyles whilst living in harmony with the way the natural world operates, the planet would be a better place.