From growing up in a rural community that happily worked in harmony with the land, to getting his first ‘proper’ job launching ‘Environment News’ magazine, to now actively planning his own energy efficient ‘self build’ house – Colin has always had a natural interest in biodiversity and conservation.

In fact, Colin and his wife Charlotte have been embracing sustainable, ‘tactile’ living for several years. Conscious of how they connect with the planet, they’ve been avidly recycling and reusing products as well as growing their own fruit and vegetables and composting whenever they can.

Therefore Colin feels a deeper connection with Ailuna over and above his advisory role. Most of all, he loves the fact that the motivation behind Ailuna is coming from entirely the right place and he’s committed to helping the Ailuna team inspire as much wider good as possible.

Describing himself as someone who questions and evaluates everything, Colin is guided by what he calls a ‘should do’ attitude. He loves to analyse processes and structure with a view to suggesting changes, actions and foundational behaviours that release the maximum potential in people and businesses.

Colin gravitates towards pioneering and groundbreaking startups. He specialises in leading phased growth. He has launched the BBC Good Food & Cooking brand of live events, established his own software companies and built global teams at high profile technology companies such as Active Network and iZettle, which was acquired by PayPal.

Colin juggles many passions outside of work – he says that even if he lived to be 200 there still wouldn’t be enough time. 

He is a serial gig-goer, castle-bagger, fortean fanatic and Elvis lover (he owns a huge collection of records and books). Colin is a sucker for Medieval and Tudor history, and is currently writing a book on Richmond Palace. Colin and Charlotte are active life members of English Heritage, Royal Palaces, National Trust and Friends of Richmond Park as well as over a dozen wildlife and conservation trusts, sanctuaries and pressure groups.

Colin loves exercise and sport. From days playing or watching football and rugby – he’s been a season ticket holder at Arsenal for over 30 years – to running, cycling, and trekking. He recently climbed Ben Nevis in deepest winter, followed by Mont Blanc. He’s also often sought the mindfulness of river fishing throughout his life.

If Colin had a magic wand that allowed him to change one thing about the planet to make it a better place, he would maintain the planet’s population to a manageable level – increasing our ability to live within our means and enable all natural life to thrive.