Axel is Ailuna’s technical wizard! From Leipzig in Germany, Axel works on the infrastructure and processes of the Ailuna IT department. He is an IT professional who used to work as an IT Consultant and now runs a project management company, working with IT enterprise and government clients. Axel loves working on Ailuna because of our geographically diverse and driven team. 

Outside of work, Axel is a happy father of two and spends as much time as he can with his family. He also loves to play handpans (we had to Google it!) and get outside in the woods climbing boulders. The highlight of Axel’s bouldering year is travelling with his family to Fontainebleau near Paris to spend the week climbing, eating and socialising with lots of other families from all over the world.

When it comes to sustainability, Axel already has his whole family working with him to improve their eco habits in their home. His daughter makes sure she tells him every time he walks out of a room without switching off the light, and his girlfriend grew up very aware of environmental issues so she is helping him eat less meat and making sure he keeps the fridge clean and tidy to help avoid unnecessary food waste.