Anne-Kathrin, or just Anne to her friends (that’s us!), is from Germany and works closely with the Ailuna development team on UI and UX Design to make sure that the design supports the usability of the app. Anne loves to combine clean design and functionality, so working with the Ailuna team is an ideal place for her to help people make positive changes in their lives.

Anne and her partner are already quite established on their low impact journey. They try to buy sustainably-produced and second hand clothes for themselves and their two daughters as much as possible. They also use hand-me-down toys from friends and family or buy them second hand, and also use the library instead of buying new books for their daughters. Anne shops in refill stores and for plastic-free alternatives to everyday consumables as much as possible. This includes buying loose dishwasher and laundry powders, as well as shampoo bars and hand soap.

Outside of work, Anne and her family spend lots of time with friends and their families, and she also enjoys sewing items for and with her children.

If Anne could make one change tomorrow it would be to remove plastic from all areas of life to remove the issues that plastic causes in the world.