Originally from Mexico, Andrés now lives in Leipzig, Germany and works as part of the Ailuna software development team. He loves identifying and understanding issues and development tasks that need to be completed, and helping to solve them.

Andrés’ background is as a mechanical engineer and he considers himself to be a technology enthusiast. He’s also worked in the past as a process engineer so he really understands what it takes to design and build a product that works for people. He also says he is organised and punctual in nature, which helps him make sense of and deliver on tasks when he says he will.

Andrés loves the fact that the Ailuna team is made up of people from all around the world, using technology and their skills to build Ailuna from the ground up. He says he is very proud to be a part of such a talented team and loves to see technology playing such a huge part in everything we do.

Describing himself as easy-going, Andrés spends his free time going for runs, building PCs and exploring the forests of Germany. He said that having such beautiful green forests on his doorstep is lovely, because in the area of Mexico he is from there is nothing like it nearby.

In an effort to live a more sustainable lifestyle, Andrés and his wife have recently switched from using bottled shampoo to shampoo bars. They don’t own a car, so use public transport or cycle to get around. They are also lucky to have some local markets nearby, meaning they can buy their produce without too much plastic. Andrés’ wife is a biologist, so she is very aware and concerned about environmental issues.

If Andrés was able to create one big change to make the world a better place, he would make large, multinational corporations take responsibility for the impact they have on the environment, particularly when it comes to water management, packaging, fair trade and labour.