Software developer Alex is from Leipzig in Germany and is part of the team that codes the Ailuna app. He is a working student, so studies Computer Science alongside supporting the team with coding projects.

Ailuna is Alex’s first major project, aside from some internships associated with his studies. He has enjoyed watching Ailuna grow from the beginning and can’t wait to see how it develops further. He describes himself as calm, friendly and reserved, and has a passion for problem solving. Coming across a problem, and working with the team to help overcome, gives him a huge amount of satisfaction.

When he’s not studying or working, Alex likes to play video games, as well as getting outside to enjoy nature and the fresh air.

Alex has already taken some key steps to living a more eco-friendly lifestyle, including being vegetarian and only using his car when it is absolutely necessary. He’s looking forward to using the Ailuna app to challenge himself further and join the community he’s helping to build.

If Alex had a sustainability magic wand, he would stop climate change in its tracks. This would give us all a chance to learn from the mistakes we have made in the past, and change our habits to live a non-polluting lifestyle. He’d also install free wifi everywhere!