#tacklethecrisis: Ailuna signs up as a Campaign Ambassador

We’re really excited to announce that this week, Ailuna has signed up to be a Campaign Ambassador for the #tacklethecrisis social media campaign. We’re all about finding positive solutions even to the most serious of issues, and #tacklethecrisis does just that. 

The campaign aims to highlight good climate-related news and celebrate those making a difference to the climate crisis, with the ultimate aim of spreading positivity and helping to alleviate the anxiety around the climate crisis that a lot of us are experiencing.

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Who is behind #tacklethecrisis?

The #tacklethecrisis campaign is headed up by hybrid sustainability consultancy and communications agency, Elodie. Elodie uses a unique approach of research, education, consultancy and marketing, to help businesses understand the issues posed by the climate crisis, take action to operate more sustainably and communicate their efforts effectively – not only to their target audience but to the world.

Elodie co-founder Dr. Birgit Memminger-Rieve says “Elodie is about empowering businesses to make sustainable long-term changes, and helping them use those changes for good through positive communication. The ultimate aim is to create a movement of purpose-led businesses that inspire from within, and demonstrate to their customers, employees, partners, supply chains and the wider world that sustainable action and successful business are intrinsically linked and will become more and more so as time goes on”. 

What is the #tacklethecrisis campaign and how will it help?

There’s no getting away from the fact that the climate crisis is a huge, looming issue for businesses and individuals alike. A lot of the news looks bleak, and this has fuelled a phenomenon known as climate anxiety. This is the feeling that there is a huge problem that we all need to have a hand in solving, but it feels so big that it becomes overwhelming and seems unsolvable.

#tacklethecrisis aims to turn the tables on the negativity, and instead use uplifting climate-related news and examples of people and businesses taking positive steps to deliver hope and inspire positive action.

Elodie co-founder and campaign leader Russ Avery says “If we can make people feel like they’re part of a movement of positivity rather than feeling the constant weight of responsibility, we can start a wave of hope and optimism.  This will generate more exposure for businesses that deserve to be heard, and help keep climate anxiety at bay.”

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What do #tacklethecrisis Campaign Ambassadors do?

As a Campaign Ambassador, Ailuna has committed to creating and sharing one uplifting, inspiring or positive climate-related post on at least one of our social media accounts every week using the #tacklethecrisis hashtag.

It’s a simple action to take, but with the hope that, across our collective networks, we can reach more people and inspire them not to give up! Ailuna is all about forming positive habits, so we hope that our new habit will help make a long term difference. You can see the rest of the Campaign Ambassadors on the #tacklethecrisis campaign page.

Can anyone join and what can I do to help?

The good news is, the greater the number of people and organisations that get involved with the #tacklethecrisis campaign, the further the wave will spread. 

Here’s how you can get involved:

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Follow the campaign

You can follow the #tacklethecrisis campaign across your social media channels by clicking on the icons below:

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