Welcome to the Ailuna reusable wipes action!


We’re so excited you’re taking on this action to ditch disposable face wipes forever! 

Reusable wipes can be just as easy – and they are better for the environment.

Why are reusable wipes better than disposables?

Before you start with your new habit, here are a few reasons why reusable wipes are so much better for the planet and for you:

  • Reusable wipes are free from the chemical preservatives that are commonly found in disposables which can dry out and irritate skin
  • Stop wasting money! Reusable wipes might cost more than a single pack of disposables, but they will have paid for themselves within a few weeks
  • Reusable wipes can be washed hundreds of times
  • Reusables made from natural fibres can be composted when they are too old to use

Starting out – what you’ll need

Here are a few of the different options that you could use to replace disposable wipes.

Soap and water

This is the most ‘zero waste’ option. Instead of buying washable wipes, concentrate on finding a facial wash bar that suits your skin type and simply use your hands to lather and wash your skin!

Make your own

You’ve probably got something at home that will work perfectly well! Try cutting an old cotton towel or t-shirt into squares. If you’ve got a sewing machine you could use it to add a stitched edge to prevent fraying.  If you know how to crochet, try making your own rounds out of natural cotton thread.

Bamboo, hemp or cotton pads 

Available as circular or square pads. If you’re used to using disposable wipes or cotton wool pads, these will be a good swap for you. You can also get crocheted versions. 

Flannel or face cloth

Look for a flannel made from biodegradable fibre such as bamboo or organic cotton, and use it with a facial cleansing bar. Muslin cloths are great paired with hot water and beauty balm.

Konjak sponge or natural loofah discs

Konjak sponges are made from natural vegetable fibres and are great for gentle facial cleansing. They last 2-3 months and can be composted when they are too old to use.
Loofah discs are also made from vegetable fibres and are good for an exfoliating facial wash.

Note: Try to avoid face cloths or pads made from ‘microfibre’ or other synthetic fibres – these will add to microplastic pollution.

Our advice when you’re first switching is to start small. The Ailuna reusable wipes starter kits are great – you can check them out in our shop by clicking HERE.

Keeping your wipes and pads clean

It’s important to wash these items regularly. Here are our top tips to keep your wipes in tip-top condition:

  • Make sure you have enough to always have one in the wash and one clean, dry and ready for action.
  • Give your wipe a quick rinse with warm water and soap straight after use.
  • A 30-degree wash with your usual detergent should be enough to keep your wipes clean.
  • To remove makeup stains, add a couple of tablespoons of bicarbonate of soda (baking soda) to a bowl of warm water and soak your wipes before washing them.
  • If you wear eye makeup and mascara, get black pads for your eyes. If you wear foundation or BB cream every day, a beige wipe might be best.
  • Don’t use fabric conditioner when washing your wipes. Their absorbency will decrease, making it more difficult to remove your makeup and get your face clean.
  • Air dry wipes whenever you can – the heat and agitation in a tumble dryer may cause them damage.

Let’s get clean!

We cannot wait to see you succeed at this action and we know you can do it! If you need any support or advice, please don’t forget that the Ailuna team and other other members of our lovely community are always on hand. Let’s go!