This action will help us maximise our recycling in the office. In addition to giving a clear outline of our office recycling systems, we’ll suggest ways to recycle some common ‘non-recyclable’ items.

Why recycle?

  • Save energy. Recycling one plastic bottle saves enough energy to power a 60 watt light bulb for three hours!
  • Reduce consumption of raw materials. One ton of recycled plastic saves 16.3 barrels of oil.
  • Protect natural resources and habitats. One ton of recycled paper saves 17 trees, 463 gallons of oil, and 7,000 gallons of water.

Reduce material sent to landfill and incineration. One ton of recycled steel saves around 1.8 barrels of oil and 4 cubic yards in a landfill.

Putting things in the recycling without being certain they are accepted is known as ‘wish-cycling’. This can do more harm than good by reducing the quality and value of recyclable materials. It might even break sorting machinery, or lead to other recyclable materials in the same collection being deemed useless!

Putting recyclable materials in the wrong bin can have the same impact. That’s why it’s important to recycle as well as you can!

Recycling at Asahi

Here are some tips to help you become a recycling hero at Asahi:

  • Know what to throw! Familiarise yourself with what is recyclable. You can find a guide above each of the bins in the kitchen, or in the Tips and Hacks section of this action. Use the team community space within the App or speak to the Facilities Manager if you aren’t sure about something
  • General food packaging: sandwich boxes, wrappers, and plastic tubs aren’t recyclable in the office and need to be put into the grey waste bins or taken home (use the Recycle Now website to find out more)
  • In the canteen: Remove all packaging before recycling food waste. Empty food waste and liquids from bottles and packaging before placing them in the correct recycling bin
  • Paper: The average office worker uses 10,000 sheets of paper a year and 6800 of these sheets are wasted – with many never being picked up from the printer!* By ensuring there’s a paper recycling bin next to printers and near desks, can help paper be recycled rather than binned
  • Office equipment: Check out our list of Tips and Hacks in the Office equipment category to find ways of recycling things such as pens, ink cartridges, and envelopes. It’s always best to reuse and reduce before recycling. For large items such as printers, chairs, and desks, how about donating to schools or trying sites such as Freegle, Gumtree, Olio, or Marketplace

We’re excited that you have joined this action. Wherever you are on your recycling journey, we hope to help you to feel more confident! Let’s ace our recycling at Asahi!

*Source: Restore