We’re taking part in the GoCardless Race To Nature 2022!

GoCardless, a company that provides Direct Debit payment processing to businesses across the world, is committed to operating as sustainably as possible. This summer, their employees will take part in the Race to Nature, a campaign which encourages people to get active, with every kilometre they cover on foot, by bike, in the water or in their wheelchair counting towards a 15,000 km target. This represents the distance from London to Cairo, where the COP27 summit is taking place in November 2022.

When the target is reached, Go Cardless will contribute to various environmental charities and initiatives, including tree planting with Rewards.Earth, protecting elephants with Rebalance Earth, teacher training with Apps for Good and restoring kelp forests with Green The UK.

Ailuna has been working with GoCardless on their employee engagement around sustainability, so when they invited our team to take part in the Race To Nature we jumped (and ran, skipped and swam) at the chance!

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by Katie Skelton  / August 1st 2022

Why campaigns like Race to Nature are so important

Ailuna is all about engaging teams, organisations and groups to help amplify the impact we all have on protecting and restoring nature. The Race to Nature is a perfect opportunity for us all to come together as a team for a common cause. 

Campaigns like this are so important because they help to spread the word about environmental projects far and wide. The more businesses & teams that take part in this kind of campaign, the more people will hear about them, and the more of a difference we can make. We’re a close-knit team anyway so taking this action together feels natural, exciting and maybe a little bit competitive!

Ben Knight, Head of Environmental Sustainability at GoCardless said: “We are delighted that the Ailuna team has decided to join the Race to Nature. The more businesses we can reach with this campaign, the more impact we can make to help tackle climate change, protect biodiversity, and support communities”.

Ailuna team, assemble!

Ahead of the challenge starting, our Ailuna Slack channel was filled with team members sharing their reasons why they’ve decided to take part, as well as which activity they’re most likely to be racking up the miles with.

“I live in Thailand so this campaign falls right in the middle of our rainy season, which should be…interesting! I choose to cycle, swim or walk for Race to Nature because I want to help protect nature & the planet in as many ways as possible” – Katrina, Product Manager

“I’ll be taking part by kick-starting an old habit – running! But mostly I’ll be walking. I think the campaign is vitally important to raise awareness that action needs to take place now. It’ll also give me another ‘help the environment’ conversation starter with friends and family! I also really love the projects that our efforts will support.”Gemma, Sustainability Program Design

“I cannot wait to get into the habit of running again! As soon as I heard about the Race to Nature campaign – I thought, now or never! A perfect opportunity to push myself to be more active and make a difference.” – Justina, Social Media Manager

“Living sustainably means living more lightly,  mindfully, healthfully and cost-effectively. I am excited to reap so many of these benefits and support amazing causes as I walk, swim and cycle in the Race to Nature.”Adrienne, Advisor & Partner

Get involved with the Race to Nature

If you and your team or organisation would like to join the Race to Nature, you can sign up here today.

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