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Whether it’s a case of new year, new you, and wanting some quotes to motivate you to build new habits, or you’re just looking for quotes about habits and habit building for your next social media post,  we’ve got you covered. 

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20 quotes about habits that are inspirational and motivating

These are our favourite quotes about habits. Use them to help you build your next good habit, or to inspire others.

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started”Mark Twain

“We become what we repeatedly do.” – Sean Covey




“First forget inspiration. Habit is more dependable. Habit will sustain you whether you’re inspired or not”Octavia Butler


“When nothing seems to help, I go and look at a stonecutter hammering away at his rock, perhaps a hundred times without as much as a crack showing in it. Yet at the hundred and first blow it will split in two, and I know it was not that last blow that did it—but all that had gone before.” – James Clear


“Seek clarity. Generate energy. Raise necessity. Increase productivity. Develop Influence. Demonstrate Courage. These are the six habits that you need to adopt if you are to reach high performance in any situation.”

– Brendan Burchard

“Energy is usually at its peak during the first part of your day, which means you should be completing habits that inspire or excite you about the day ahead.” – S.J. Scott

“If you believe you can change – if you make it a habit – the change becomes real.”Charles Duhigg


“Dreams are lovely. But they are just dreams. Fleeting, ephemeral, pretty. But dreams do not come true just because you dream them. It’s hard work that makes things happen. It’s hard work that creates change.”Shonda Rhimes


“True life is lived when tiny changes occur.” – Leo Tolstoy


“If you start with a big behavior that’s hard to do, the design is unstable; it’s like a large plant with shallow roots. When a storm comes into your life, your big habit is at risk. However, a habit that is easy to do can weather a storm like flexible sprouts, and it can then grow deeper and stronger roots.” – BJ Fogg

“Successful people are simply those with successful habits.” – Brian Tracy


“Do small things with great love.” – Mother Theresa


“It is easier to prevent bad habits than to break them.” – Benjamin Franklin


“Our character is basically a composite of our habits. Because they are consistent, often unconscious patterns, they constantly, daily, express our character.” – Stephen Covey


“If you are going to achieve excellence in big things, you develop the habit in little matters. Excellence is not an exception, it is a prevailing attitude.”  – Colin Powell


“If you pick the right small behavior and sequence it right, then you won’t have to motivate yourself to have it grow. It will just happen naturally, like a good seed planted in a good spot.” – BJ Fogg


“Excellence is an art won by training and habituation.”Aristotle

“You’ll never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.”John C. Maxwell

Your favourite quotes about habits

We hope you’ve enjoyed some of our favourite inspirational quotes about habits. We’d love to hear some of yours tag us in a post or story on Instagram, we’ll share them all!

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