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Plastic Free July: 5 Ailuna dares to help reduce plastic waste

Plastic Free July: 5 Ailuna dares to help reduce plastic waste

If you’re taking part in this year’s Plastic Free July campaign and you feel like you need a helping hand getting started, and sticking to your new, lower-plastic habit, Ailuna is here for you.

Just head to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store now, download the Ailuna app and select one (or more!) of our top dares to help reduce plastic waste this Plastic Free July.

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Have a waste-less lunch

If you’re taking part in Plastic Free July and feel you need some help reducing the plastic and food waste your lunch sometimes generates, this dare is for you.

Switch to plastic-free tea

We’ve been told that in hot weather, hot tea is one of the most effective ways to cool down. So why not try this Ailuna dare this Plastic Free July to reduce your plastic use at the same time?

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Use a refillable drinks bottle

Staying on the theme of hydration, if you feel like this Plastic Free July could be best spent by reducing the number of single-use drinks bottles you use, this dare will get you well on your way to a new habit.

Swap to a shampoo bar

If you want to focus your Plastic Free July efforts on your bathroom, the “swap to a shampoo bar” dare is the one for you. We’ll help you choose a bar and then stick with using it, to eradicate plastic shampoo bottles from your bathroom forever!

A white and yellow box sits on a white table, containing a pink mentrual cup, a reusable sanitary pad and a small pink pot

Turn your period green

Disposable period products contain a lot more plastic than you might imagine. Start tackling the plastic waste your period generates by switching to reusables with this dare.

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