A white and yellow box sits on a white table, containing a pink mentrual cup, a reusable sanitary pad and a small pink pot

Turn your period green!

We’re really happy that you’ve decided to make your period planet-friendly! Ailuna is here to help you say goodbye to plastic period waste! This page contains lots of information and super-easy tips to make the switch as simple as possible for you.

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What’s wrong with conventional period products anyway?

Did you know that some disposable menstrual pads contain as much plastic as four carrier bags? With tampons, it’s not just plastic applicators that cause a problem. Many brands of tampon are coated in a thin layer of polyethylene and polypropylene plastic to aid insertion, and use polypropylene or polyester for the string. 

Mainstream menstrual products may contain pesticide residues, as well as chemicals that have been linked to vaginal infections and other problems such as toxic shock syndrome. Single-use plastic tampon applicators usually end up in landfill or being incinerated due to issues with recycling. Even card applicators usually end up in the bin, as it’s not easy to wash them up for recycling.

Positive reasons to switch

  • Save money: a good stash of reusable period products will stop you having to buy a new box of tampons or pads every month.
  • Protect the oceans! Plastic from period products can end up in the sea: during heavy rainfall, sewage systems sometimes discharge effluent into rivers and seas, and period products (which shouldn’t be flushed) end up in the world’s oceans.
  • Eco-friendly period products are free from chemical ‘nasties’ such as fragrances and gels which can cause vaginal irritation.
  • Lots of women find cloth pads and period pants more comfortable than disposables: no more crinkling or rustling!
  • Some menstrual cups are suitable for use during sex. No more mess! 😉

What are the alternatives?

Some of the options available when picking more sustainable period products are listed below. You can view more details on each of these options by reading our period products pros and cons page.

Period product alternatives:

  • Natural disposable pads and tampons
  • Menstrual cups
  • Washable menstrual pads
  • Period pants
  • Reusable tampon applicator
  • Reusable tampons

Good luck!

Whatever eco-friendly option you choose to try out, it’s going to make a difference to the planet!

Remember to check in with the Ailuna community for support and advice if you are feeling stuck or need a bit of inspiration.

We’re here to help you achieve your green goals, and make it fun along the way ❤️