Low Carbon Commuter

Make your daily trip to work a bit greener by reducing the carbon emissions from your travel. We’ll help you to calculate your current emissions and find some fun ways to cut them back.

From car-sharing to e-scooters, there’s probably something simple you could try out which will help the environment. You might even get fitter and make some friends at the same time! 

Travelling as a solo passenger in a medium-sized petrol car creates nearly 200g CO2e per kilometre. Adding another passenger halves your carbon footprint! Buses are around 100g per passenger per kilometre and train or tube works out at 30-40g CO2e per kilometre travelled. Use RouteZero to calculate the emissions from your current commute and check out the lower carbon options it comes up with. Read on for some fresh ideas to inspire you.

  • Cycle or scoot

  • Join a carpool or lift share scheme

  • Try a park-and-ride

  • Combine walking or cycling with bus or train

  • Check out public transport options

Using a bike instead of a car for short trips would reduce your travel emissions by ~75%.” Our World In Data

Car/train/bike combo

Do you drive to the station, then catch the train and walk to your destination? Hire a folding bike or e-scooter for a couple of days to see if you could ride to the station, and then onwards to your workplace. You might even be able to get off a few stops early, ride the last part of the journey and save some money on your ticket.

Already cycle or walk the whole way to work?

Fuel up with a vegan breakfast to get your energy in the greenest way. For extra brownie points, choose locally grown produce and avoid air-freighted imports.

Need to drive? 

(no public transport available/too far to cycle or walk) Try joining a carpool or lift share group, or drive part of the way and cycle or walk the rest. When choosing a new car, consider an electric or hybrid vehicle.

Choose a greener way to travel and try it out for a week and see how much CO2e you can save. Drop into the app for tips and encouragement, and visit our friendly community to get advice or share your wins!