Welcome to a week of litter picking

Hello there, thanks for choosing to spend your week learning about and also getting out there and picking up litter! It is such a worthwhile way to spend your time, both for the environment, your community, and also just for yourself.

By getting outdoors and taking a proactive stance against dropped crisp packets, empty drinks bottles and so much more you’re not only getting some fresh air and vitamin D, you’re saving that trash from potentially ending up in waterways or the sea, or being buried in the undergrowth and staying there for years, decades, or longer.

That covers the what and the why, so on to the how!

There are only really three things you’ll need to get going on your litter-picking adventure: a bag to put the litter you find in, a pair of gloves to protect yourself, and a sense of where you’d like to go to get picking up.

Once you have those three things it’s mostly just a case of getting stuck in! The week-long action guides you through things to think about, like safety, what to do with the rubbish you find, finding or starting a group, and ways to add some variety and excitement to your litter picks.

Some people will give funny looks, most will cheer you on!

There is a chance that you might be a bit worried about going out in public and doing something so altruistic. That you might receive some unwanted attention or negative comments. Do not worry at all, that’s only natural, and there are always bound to be those in life who try to bring others down. You’re doing an amazing thing and deserve all the praise and cheering on in the world.

As soon as you get your first ‘well done’ or ‘thank you’ your spirits will be buoyed, and you’ll be filled with motivation and enthusiasm, and hopefully filled with even more confidence and purpose to pick up as much litter as possible!

Get out there and enjoy yourself!

By choosing to take this action you’re entering a whole world of adventure, environmentalism, and camaraderie. We really hope that you love litter picking as much as we do, and can’t wait to hear all about it in the Ailuna Community.