Ailuna founder Lars Ronning on the Disruptive CEO Nation podcast

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Ailuna CEO and co-founder Lars Ronning was recently interviewed by Allison Summers, an executive coach and business leader on her Disruptive CEO Nation Podcast.

Allison has worked in corporate offices around the world and helps people grow their influence. Lars was honoured and excited to be her guest.

In their conversation, they discussed the development of Ailuna including:

  • Lars and Helene’s personal vision to building technology with a purpose.
  • The challenges of building and working with a remote team.
  • Citizen engagement technology. Building a network of connections with a common purpose.
  • How software and apps can use behavioural science to change personal habits.
  • The special meaning behind the name Ailuna.


You can listen to the interview on:

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We hope you enjoy the show!

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