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With your investment we will:

✓ Develop and launch Ailuna for X
✓ Develop our proprietary “Motivational AI”
✓ Increase our sales and marketing activity

Watch our crowdfunding video to learn more about what we’ve achieved so far and our mission for the future.

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 Our vision

People and organisations know they need to become more sustainable.

Our vision is to connect more people across the globe, every day, and help them to take actions that will change the environment for good.

With your support, we aim for Ailuna to become the global, go-to platform for people and organisations who want to make the world a better place


We’re global

The first thing most of us need to do to become more sustainable is to build better habits. That’s why our first offering is our training app, which is already in use in more than 50 countries.
The Ailuna team spans 7 countries across three continents and we are a proud member of 1% for the Planet, together with world-class companies like Patagonia.
By investing in Ailuna, you’ll be part of a global movement to change the world for the better.

Ailuna for X

Ailuna for Business, Education, Government, Charities & NGOs

According to the UN, the Sustainable Development Goals represent a $12T market opportunity.

We have identified employee, student and citizen engagement as an incredible business and impact opportunity, helping organisations to drive engagement around sustainability. That’s where we are going next with “Ailuna for X”.

We do things differently

We are not asking you to try a new thing every day, which doesn’t drive change.
We are taking a much more comprehensive approach through our dares (personal sustainability training programs). These are inspired by James Clear (“Atomic Habits”), successful sports apps and established principles of behavioural science.

We are positive

At Ailuna, you won’t hear us talking about burning rainforests or melting icebergs.
Ailuna is all about passion, hope & positivity. We aim to inspire people across the world to develop long-lasting habits with impact.
Ailuna (ai luna) is Hawaiian and means “upwards, up there, aiming high” – and that’s exactly what our ambitions are!

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don’t leave just yet!

trying Ailuna is just a click away - and you can use it for free

don’t leave just yet!

trying Ailuna is just a click away - and you can use it for free