Happy Eco News and Ailuna announce positive news partnership

Following the announcement that Ailuna has joined the #tacklethecrisis campaign as a campaign ambassador, we have more good news. Happy Eco News, in fact! 

We have launched a partnership with Canada-based website HappyEcoNews.com, to help us spread even more positive stories about how people are tackling the climate crisis, rather than the doom and gloom we are used to reading.

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What is Happy Eco News?

Happy Eco News is a website dedicated to sharing uplifting and positive environmental stories to give hope that we can collectively tackle the world’s issues.

Founded in January 2018 by Vancouver-based Grant Brown, the website curates up to 40 stories from across the globe every week, from major and lesser-known news outlets. Grant describes himself as a “moderate environmentalist” and before Happy Eco News came about he would find himself being sucked into the gloom that a lot of environmental and climate-related news generates. So he decided to change things, and so Happy Eco News was created!

Ailuna will be handpicking our own selection of these articles each week, to share with our readers in our brand new Uplifting News section on the Ailuna website.

“The work Ailuna is doing is exactly what the world needs now,” said Grant Brown, Founder of Happy Eco News. “One of the most common questions I get from people is ‘how can I do more?’ Ailuna helps them to take action in their daily routines and help our planet heal.”


We are very excited to embark on this brand new partnership and look forward to sharing many good news stories with you all in future. Let’s spread some hope and overcome the overwhelm that the usual climate news can cause.

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