Challenge your co-workers to switch off all electricals during the lunch break and spend some quality time together. 

Here are some ideas to get you building better relationships with each other and the planet, whilst boosting employee morale!

Do a lunchtime litter pick

You don’t have to go far to find litter. Grab some gloves and a bag and spend 15 minutes cleaning up your local environment – the local wildlife will thank you for it!

Enjoy a waste-free buffet

Bring some fun to lunchtime and get yummy new ideas by each bringing a homemade dish and sharing your favourite recipes! If you want to take it up a notch then suggest lunch is made with minimal packaging. 

Get educated

Organise a screening or arrange a speaker to give a talk on a relevant and interesting subject to help motivate, educate and inspire the team. 

Suggested topics: energy use and renewables, looking after electronics and E-waste.

UK folk may want to start with one of the following to organise a speaker: a local E-waste company, energy provider, WRAP, Friends of the Earth, local sustainability groups. And/or rope a co-worker into speaking for five minutes about what sustainability at Gocardless means to them!

Suggestions documentaries: Our planet, our business, 2040, TED Talks

Get outside

Eat your sandwiches in the park, go for a stroll, take 15 minutes looking at the local birdlife, or explore your surroundings with play.