Gemma researches and is part of the team which writes Ailuna’s app content. A passionate sustainability and conservation advocate, Gemma loves the fact that her work at Ailuna helps people make positive changes to their lifestyle within a supportive and fun space.

When she’s not working for Ailuna, Gemma loves hula hooping, walking and playing with her crazy dog (we hope all at the same time and would like to see video evidence). In the past she has travelled extensively and even founded a charity which aims to raise awareness of the plight of elephants used in tourism.

Gemma is already impressively established on her sustainability journey. She tries to live as waste-free as possible, by using plastic-free alternatives and natural cleaning products. She also buys second-hand clothes and dog toys (and repairs them rather than giving up on them and throwing them away) and shops in refill shops as much as she can. Even though she is an avid traveller, she has taken a pledge to avoid flying for the whole of 2020 and gets the train or cycles locally wherever possible.  Gemma is also actively involved in her local community and often helps others to reduce their environmental impact.

If Gemma could make one big change tomorrow to make the world a better place, she would ensure no animals were exploited for the tourism industry.