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Food waste is a global challenge that each of us can contribute to solving! Below are our three top tips for minimizing food waste and making a positive impact. 


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Fact: food waste is worse than plastic

It’s widely known that the plastic problem is wreaking havoc on our planet. Destroying precious ecosystems, floating in the oceans or laying in landfill for generations to come. Not to mention releasing dangerous gases and chemicals into the air, soil and waterways as it gradually breaks down.

But according to research from WRAP UK’s Love Food Hate Waste initiative, 4.5 million tonnes of edible food is wasted in UK households every year. This is not only expensive for us as consumers – we effectively scrape £730 into our household bins every year – but also damaging for the environment.

When food waste is put in landfill, it starts to rot, releasing gases including methane into the atmosphere. Whilst methane is a more short-lived greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide, it is still 28 times more powerful than CO2 at trapping heat energy over a 100-year timescale. This means that our household food waste (not to mention waste from farms, restaurants, supermarkets and other areas) is having a worse effect on climate change than plastic. So what can we do about reducing our food waste at home, in our kitchens?

Food waste reduction tip #1: stop peeling everything!

Peeling veggies has become a common practice, but there are compelling reasons why we should reconsider this habit. Not only does it reduce waste, leaving the skin on preserves essential nutrients, fiber, and antioxidants that are often concentrated in or just below the skin! 

Take a carrot for instance. The skin is perfectly edible. It’s not woody, or bitter, or in any way offensive. This goes for so many things we might default to peeling. Roast potatoes are absolutely delicious and extra crunchy with the skins left on. If we forget our obsession with super-smooth mashed potato, leaving the skins on adds texture, flavour and saves time too! And why do we peel ginger? If mincing or chopping it finely enough, you’ll never notice the skin is still there!

So next time you’re cooking, think about whether you really need to take the skin off.

Note: if you can buy organic fruit and veg then great, regardless make sure you give fruit and veg a good scrub in cool water

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Food waste reduction tip #2: use your freezer

One of the easiest ways of reducing food waste and making your food go further is by freezing it. If there is anything sitting in your fridge that you know you won’t use anytime soon, or if you have any fruit that looks like it might be past its best soon, pop it in the freezer.

frozen berries in a glass on a wooden tableFrozen fruit is perfect for smoothies and if you chop and freeze vegetables like celery, carrots and peppers you can throw them straight into your pan when you need them for a recipe. 

Check what needs blanching before freezing! Another great idea is to pre-chop garlic and ginger as soon as you buy it and freeze into ice cube trays. You can then pop one cube out to use in cooking which saves time as well as waste.

If you’re unsure about what can or can’t be frozen, check out The Full Freezer. Created by Mum-of-two Kate Hall, it aims to help families make the most of their food by filling your freezer rather than your food bin. It’s ideal if you’re busy, find mealtimes stressful or find yourself with food left over at the end of the week that you’re not sure what to do with. 

Food waste reduction tip #3: use up food scraps

Have you tried banana peel burgers, onion skin tea or growing a spring onion from the root scrap? Check out our Get creative with food scraps blog to make your food go even further! 

We’d love to hear more about how you are reducing kitchen food waste. Please give some of our ideas a try and send us photos via Facebook or Instagram so we can share them with the Ailuna community.


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