Habits with impact: the Ailuna “Swap to a shampoo bar” action

This series of posts explores each of Ailuna’s actions (sustainability training programs) in more detail, including an introduction to their creators, the reasons and issues behind them and some helpful tips, advice and resources to make sure you can take each action and earn your badge for succeeding!

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Swap to a shampoo bar – meet the action creator

Helene is one of the founders of Ailuna and the creator of the swap to a shampoo bar action. Her background is mostly computers and plants, which might sound like an unusual combination but actually, the two are coming together pretty well now! Before Ailuna, Helene was always checking out people’s baskets in the supermarket and wondering what to do about the amount of plastic our favourite products are packaged in. But since it’s difficult to change supermarkets, she decided to create this action to help individuals and their friends, families, and anyone else they invite to Ailuna to try to avoid plastic.

First stop, our haircare routine!


Do I need any special equipment or preparation before I start this action?

When you want to start a new hair regime you do, of course, need a new type of product
– namely the shampoo bar and maybe a conditioner bar as well. But more importantly than any equipment, you just need the will to try something new and not be too afraid of a bad hair day or two along the way.

Helene’s top tips for success

1. Before you buy your first shampoo bar check the water hardness in your area. If you
live in an area with hard water, it’s a good idea to buy a syndet bar or what some would call a “true shampoo bar”.
2. Start during the weekend. This will give you a couple of days to get used to the bar and work out what works for you.
3. Be open and ready to try a few bars before you find the right one – just as you would
with a normal shampoo
4. Keep it out of your shower. The bar will disappear too quickly if you leave it in water.
5. Not sure about shampoo bars? Why not use refills instead? By refilling a bottle you already have, the average household could save up to 216 plastic bottles over a year!


Why is switching to a plastic-free haircare regime important?

With 420 million shampoo bottles being used every single year (not including conditioner!), and plastic reduction being one of the best ways to reduce your impact on the planet, switching to plastic free shampoo and conditioner is a great step to living a more sustainable lifestyle.

But that’s not all! By actively changing our habits, we feel better about ourselves and are more likely to share our success with others. There’s nothing more infectious than a success story, so you will probably find that you will inspire others to make a change too.
This snowball effect could be a catalyst for a huge wave of change, all started by you simply switching to plastic-free haircare! In his latest podcast, Seth Godin said “When we catch people doing something right and amplify it and repeat it, the ideas are more likely to stick and to spread. Because people repeat what’s working.”
The great thing is, the plastic-free haircare trend is proving itself to be not just a fad. Big names like Garnier are releasing solid shampoo bars, and usually when the big names get involved, it’s a sign of mainstream change to come. So why not be a pioneer and get on board now!


Need help?

When taking this action, you might find the AIluna community is a big help. Full with people on a similar journey to you, you can ask anything, judgement-free, and chances are someone else will be able to help.

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