Habits with impact: the Ailuna “perform a waste check” and “reduce your waste” actions

This series of posts explores each of Ailuna’s actions (sustainability training programs) in more detail, including an introduction to their creators, the reasons and issues behind them and some helpful tips, advice and resources to make sure you can take each action and earn your badge for succeeding!

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Perform a waste check and reduce your waste – meet the action creator

Linnea is a sustainable packaging student studying the least impactful ways for companies to design their packaging. She is passionate about finding ways to cut back on plastic packaging and over packaged goods (do you ever order something small and it arrives in the mail in a box triple its size!?). What she’s found is that the most sustainable packaging is to not have any packaging at all! This is why she created these two actions so we can try to cut out as much waste in our lives as possible.

There’s so much guilt associated with how much we throw away. This guilt is so counterproductive! Linnea has designed these actions to make you feel confident in building a lower waste lifestyle and to make it fun along the way.

Why should we all try to assess and reduce our waste?

Did you know that the average American produces 4.9 pounds of waste every day?! Our waste can end up in places like overfilled landfills, the ocean, and in less developed countries. The rubbish we produce has a negative impact on both environmental and human health. 

Have you ever thought about what happens to your waste once you throw it in the bin? Knowing where your waste comes from is the first step to reducing it. That’s why we have you start with the waste check before committing to reducing your waste! Not to mention, assessing and reducing your waste can save you loads of money in the long run. 

Do I need any special equipment or preparation before I start these actions?

You do not need any special equipment before starting these actions! You do need to take the waste check action before moving on to the reduce your waste action, so you know just how much (and what) you need to reduce. Many people find it helpful to have a digital or physical notepad available during the waste check to record what they throw away for the week, but it’s not required. 

Linnea’s top 5 tips for success 

Be honest with yourself

When you take the waste check action, be honest about how much you’re throwing away. Don’t try to be your best and brightest eco-friendly self. Keep your weekly routine exactly the same as any other normal week. There’s no shame in starting where you’re at!

Take photos and write it down

If you take photos and write down the waste you produced for the waste check action, you’ll have a better understanding of where to start for the reduce your waste action. If it’s too much of a hassle, then at least write down what you’re throwing away every day.

Get the whole house on board

Got others in the house using the same bin? Having them take these actions with you makes it a lot easier to be successful! It is motivating to surround yourself with others trying to build this habit with you rather than you having to keep all your own waste separate.

Keep your guilt in the bin

It can be hard to confront the amount of waste you really produce in a week. But don’t let that guilt discourage you! In these actions, you will slowly but surely start to feel more confident about your waste habits. And if you have an off day (or even more), that’s okay. It’s all about the journey!

Use the Ailuna community

How do I reduce my waste for the dog food I buy? What about my favourite cereal brand? See if you can find solutions to the tough questions by asking them in the Community page when you start the actions. The community is full of people trying to reduce their waste just like you.

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