Energy efficient cooking

With a few simple changes to the way you cook, you could reduce the energy used for preparing your meals by over 50%! Magic microwave tips, one-pot meals, pressure cookers and more – we’ve got it all covered in this exciting kitchen challenge! 

  • Help the planet by reducing power consumption
  • Save up to £426 a year on your fuel bills! (1)

Do I need any special equipment?
Don’t worry, you can save energy in the kitchen without spending any money on gadgets. We will teach you how to use what you’ve got more efficiently.

What do I need to do?
Start small by making easy changes such as filling the kettle to the right level. Just this one swap could save you £13 a year. (2) Here are a few of our other top tips to get you started…

Use the right size Picking the correct capacity pan with a well fitting lid, and using it on the right sized hob ring can save you up to £51 per year.

One-pot meals

Making your whole meal in one saucepan (or roasting tin) saves on unnecessary washing up as well as stopping energy from being wasted. Try Rukmini Iyer’s The Green Roasting Tin, or Anna Jones’ book One: Pot, Pan, Planet for inspiration. You can find a few of the recipes in this article.

Use residual heat For most dishes, it’s possible to turn off the heat 5-10 mins before the recipe states and use residual heat to finish the cooking process. Choose a heavy pan, keep the lid on any pots, or keep the oven door closed. 

Pick your appliance

Air fryers, slow cookers and microwaves are efficient options to cook or heat food. Making a baked potato in the microwave instead of a conventional oven will save you over 2kg CO2e emissions! Using a microwave oven to prepare food for a week costs around £2.50 compared to £26 for an electric cooker. 

Get chopping! Cut your veg into smaller pieces – it will take a bit longer to prepare but it’ll cook faster and save fuel.

Measure it out Make sure you’ve got the right amount of water for your pasta or rice. Measuring your ingredients and cooking water carefully helps prevent food waste as well as making your bills lower!

Under pressure

Using a pressure cooker can reduce energy used by up to 70%. If you haven’t already got one, look out for a second hand stainless steel pressure cooker that is the right size for your home. 1.5 litres for 1-2 people, 3l for 3-4 people,  5l for 5-7 people and 7l for 7-10 people. 

The Ailuna Energy efficient cooking challenge will have you saving energy and money within a week! Get daily hacks and reminders sent straight to your phone. Ask questions or share advice in our friendly community. Ailuna is the place to be for tips and tricks to make your cooking more energy efficient.

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2. Source: Energy Saving Trust