5 ways to support the well-being of your employees

Supporting the well-being and health of your employees is one of the most important things you can do as a business owner or leader. Your employees and the team you surround yourself with are your number one asset. When they are taken care of they can become your biggest supporters and cheerleaders, an extension of your marketing and sales, will work hard and genuinely be invested in the success of the company.

Through actively taking action towards providing support for your employees’ well-being, you can foster a culture that not only makes the people within it feel good, but will also help your business to thrive.  Kate Browning is a Virtual Assistant, Mentor and Founder of Cherry Blossom Management – and today she shares 5 ways in which you can support the well-being of your employees.

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by Kate Browning/ 22nd April 2022

1. Regular team building or social events.

Having a team filled with people that feel connected, aligned and able to openly share ideas is a great way to support employee well-being and business growth. To avoid your team feeling like their job is all work no play,  arrange regular social events or gatherings that don’t revolve around work or the office. Here are a few ideas for easy to organise social occasions for your employees to let their hair down and feel connected to you and each other:

  • Take part in a monthly pub quiz
  • Finish early on a Friday and have a long, leisurely lunch together
  • Take part in a charity fundraising event.
  • Take a dance or art class together
  • In summer, organise a “bring something to share” picnic

It’s important that whatever you organise feels right for your team, so why not put it out to a vote? And remember, if any of your employees have specific needs or mobility issues, choose carefully to make each activity as inclusive as possible.

2. Set up an employee assistance or check-in programme 

On a monthly or quarterly basis,  if budget allows, bring in an external company that specifically focuses on the well-being and satisfaction of your team. They can run a session for your employees that allows them space to open up about anything they’re struggling with, any suggestions for improvement and other feedback. Having someone who isn’t an existing employee running this kind of session is a real benefit, because employees are more likely to feel able to give honest responses. Ensure your team have an environment where they can openly and honestly share feedback, suggestions and ideas without any fear of repercussions. You will often find your team will provide excellent ideas for areas they would like to see more focus, including ways you can further grow and develop the business together.

3. Work towards long term goals together

People often work well towards specific goals. It helps them focus, keeps them motivated and can give a real sense of achievement when reached. To make goal setting even more successful,  setting up accountability groups or partnerships where people work towards goals together can create a sense of belonging and solidarity. Similarly, working with your employees on their development rather than setting goals for them can encourage their mental well-being and satisfaction. It will help them engage more with the business and feel like they’re truly part of a team.

4. Encourage self-care in the workplace

When you take care of yourself and focus on well-being, you are more happier, more fulfilled, but also more productive and focused on your work. So it makes sense that the same will apply for your employees or team. Supporting employees to focus on their self care by taking breaks – real breaks away from their desk, taking a walk and stretching their legs, having healthy food options at the canteen (or the company picnic!), and having regular eye breaks from their computers will all encourage self-care. Even something as simple as investing in a good coffee machine and making your break room somewhere people actually want to spend time could make a huge difference.

5. Offer flexible working

Many businesses are moving to flexible working as they are really starting to see the value in it. Giving your staff the flexibility to chose when they work, how they work – maybe a mix of office and remote working, giving them the freedom of having a life outside of work, with hours that fit around their lifestyle and providing that element of trust, will make them feel more valued, more satisfied and therefore more productive.

In summary

Understanding that your team is your biggest asset and therefore making their well-being your priority could be the best step you ever take to long-term success, employee loyalty and a happy, healthy working environment.

Which one of the tips above will you try first? 

About the author

Kate Browning is a Virtual Assistant, Mentor and Founder of Cherry Blossom Management, providing Virtual Assistant & Organisational Support Services alongside a group of trusted associates, along with Canva design and training for busy business owners and entrepreneurs who want to feel supported, be empowered, become more organised and gain back time to focus on growing their business. If you want to know more about incorporating self care, well-being and time management into your business, you can email Kate, connect with her on LinkedIn or follow Cherry Blossom Management on Instagram.

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