White Paper: How to recognise differences in workforce attitudes towards sustainability

Employee involvement in sustainability

Workforce engagement with green initiatives

The employees can be categorized into different “shades” of green, including dark greens, mid greens, light greens, and non-greens, based on their varying levels of engagement and commitment to green initiatives.

Dark greens

Mid greens

Light greens

Non greens

Employee involvement in sustainability

From an employee engagement perspective, it’s all about moving people from one cohort to the next – from light green to mid-green for example.

The greater the proportion of employees who engage with the Ailuna app, the more actions are completed and habits are changed. 

Ailuna as a business is super clear about how we solve a real and immediate client issue – getting employees to take action.

Download our white paper for an in-depth analysis of how to boost your employee involvement in sustainability.

Download the White Paper here:

In today’s dynamic corporate landscape, fostering employee engagement with sustainability holds the key to shaping a more eco-conscious future. Our white paper offers an immersive exploration into the art of enhancing workforce involvement in green initiatives.

As businesses navigate the evolving terrain of sustainability, understanding and categorizing employees into distinct ‘shades’ of green — ranging from devoted ‘dark greens’ to the yet-to-engage ‘non-greens’ — becomes a strategic imperative. This innovative approach unveils transformative insights that empower positive change, underlining the crucial role of informed categorization in driving sustainable evolution.

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