emmie standing outside smiling green leafy background

Ailuna’s behavioural scientist Emmie is working hard behind the scenes to help make the app something that will help people develop positive long term habits. Emmie has a deep understanding of the psychology behind lifestyle change and what will help our new habits stick. She enjoys working with the Ailuna team because she loves the ethos and heart that the company has, and she has a passion for helping build digital products that make a difference to people’s lives.

Emmie describes herself as creative, energetic and tenacious. Which is lucky because as well as her work with Ailuna she advises several other organisations as well as being in the process of setting up her own behavioural science consultancy AND another startup. Oh, and she has three children under 6. So she’s a pretty busy lady and we feel very fortunate to have her!

When Emmie’s not working (we are not sure when this is!) she enjoys painting with oil and acrylics on canvas, Pilates and learning to cook.

Emmie’s conservatory is full of plants in an effort to grow her own vegetables – she hopes this will make her family a little more self-sufficient as well as reducing the amount of plastic they buy. She already shops for clothes in second hand shops and is an excellent recycler. If anyone is thinking of buying her a birthday present, she would like some reusable beeswax wraps please!

When she travelled to India 17 years ago, Emmie was horrified by the pollution she encountered, and it made her really worried for the health of the country’s population, as well as the effect it is having on the planet. So if she was given the power tomorrow, Emmie would magic away all fossil fuels and air pollution.

emmie overlooking a beautoful view in Mauritius. Blue sky, fluffy clouds and clear sea
emmie in fluorescent costume at start line of charity event
Emmie standing in a field with sunlight streaming in