The best eco-friendly and reusable Christmas crackers for 2021

Christmas crackers. A tradition that most of us are reluctant to part with altogether. But we’re also becoming more aware of the impact that producing and using millions of plastic-filled, single-use Christmas crackers must be having on the environment. If you’re looking for an eco-friendly or reusable alternative to the mass-produced Christmas crackers of years gone by, check out our list of favourites.

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Eco-friendly Christmas crackers for 2021

Without further ado, here are our favourite eco-friendly, reusable and plastic-free Christmas crackers for 2021.

RSBP – plastic-free and recycled Christmas crackers

For a simple alternative to the traditional plastic-filled crackers, these fully recycled (and recyclable) Christmas crackers from the RSBP come in a range of designs, in plastic-free packaging and all profits go back into the charity.

Buy them here.


Eco-friendly Christmas cracker kits from The Conscious Party Box

You’ll notice we’re fans of The Conscious Party Box here. They’ve previously been mentioned in our posts about plastic-free party bags, alternative advent calendars and eco-friendly Halloween ideas. Their DIY reindeer crackers are another great addition to their plastic-free party offering and we love the fact they double as a craft activity with the kids too.

Buy them here.

Reusable pullable Christmas crackers from Eco Able

Eco Able offers a lovely selection of reusable fabric Christmas crackers to choose from.

We love these because you can choose which gifts to put inside them. No more inappropriate bottle openers for your 5-year-old!

Buy them here.

Hand-filled linen Christmas crackers

If you read our Christmas with Impact post, then you might remember these. I’ve still not quite got around to it, but I’ll be making my own Christmas crackers this year using our linen table napkins and cut-up kitchen roll tubes. I love the fact that these crackers can be filled according to the taste and personality of each person at the table. They cut down on plastic waste and also double as our napkins for dinner. No more tiny magnifying glasses littering the floor on Christmas afternoon!

If you’d like to have a go at making these yourself (most materials can be found around the house and in your recycling box) then try this video for a step-by-step guide. 


The Little Green Cracker Co luxury recycled Christmas crackers

All of the Little Green Cracker Co’s crackers are handmade from recycled (and recyclable) card, with different options for hand-tied sustainable ribbons.

They have selected a range of lovely gifts including tea lights, jam solid shampoo tea bags, and wildflower seed balls. 

Buy them here.


Fill your own eco-friendly Christmas crackers from Oxfam

These fill-your-own crackers give you creative freedom to put whatever you like inside, as well as being eco-friendly and giving back to charity.

Buy them here.

Fun but sustainable Christmas crackers from Nancy & Betty

eco friendly brussels sprouts Christmas crackers

According to Nancy & Betty’s website, their eco-friendly Christmas crackers are hand made in their UK workshop by elves. The 2021 luxury Christmas crackers are recyclable and contain plastic-free gifts. They also plant a tree with One Tree Planted for every box of crackers bought.
We love the range of fun designs – especially the brussels sprouts!

Reusable family Christmas cracker games from The Dark Imp

The dark imp's reusable eco-friendly  family Christmas cracker sits on a festive table

If you’re looking for a less conventional but still sustainable Christmas cracker option, these cracker games from The Dark Imp could tick your boxes.

Each of these giant crackers contain six family-friendly games (recommended for age 8+). The cracker box then doubles as a storage box for your games so you can play them over and over again.

Buy them here.


Show us your eco-friendly Christmas crackers

We’d love to see your festive table, decorated with your sustainable, reusable or plastic-free Christmas crackers. Join our free Ailuna Community Facebook group or tag us in your pictures on Instagram @ailunacommunity and we will share them all!

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