How to “zen zone” your coffee break: combining coffee and self-care

This week’s post is a guest post by Robyn, founder of Forest Edge Roasting Co. She’s put together some tips for how to change your coffee break from a rushed necessity into a moment to savour, and we cannot wait to try them out!


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Many of us love coffee – that sweet elixir of life (or the one that is acceptable pre 6 pm!). But are we really making the most of it?

Who remembers the humble coffee break? I hear you saying “What is this strange concept you talk of?”. Perhaps it has become a moment where you pour the coffee down your throat in your haste for that caffeinated kick? Or maybe it is left to go cold on the desk as you juggle today’s Zoom meetings, whilst fielding office calls?

We live in a world of school runs (or homeschooling), back to back meetings and a distant memory of the 9-5. With this fast-paced society continuing to get ever faster, it is becoming more important to bring back the coffee break. One where we actually do break from work, we take a pause and allow ourselves to refocus.

So here is how you can zen zone your coffee break and really get the most of it.

Coffee (a good place to start!)

Make sure you’re sipping the good stuff. Investing in quality coffee is investing in your moment.

Firstly, if it’s ethically and sustainably-sourced, it’ll make you feel even better before you even start making your coffee. If possible, grind it fresh. Not only will this give you the best flavour, but you’ll kick start that coffee break with an aroma equated to heaven.

ethical and sustainably sourced coffee in a bag


Choose the right tools (and I’m not talking the can of instant that’s looking decidedly clumpy). Coffee brewing doesn’t have to be a means to an end. The process can be enjoyed and can give your body time to exit that fight/flight zone of adrenaline-fuelled focus and enter the relaxation stage.

If a latte is your go-to then fire up that espresso machine. Take time in the process of creating – the extraction of the espresso, the frothing of the milk. Personally, I like to bring out the V60 – a super simple tool that creates a wonderfully smooth cup. I find it particularly satisfying to watch the water drip through the coffee grounds, it is like a mini-meditation in itself.

The full coffee shop experience

If you’re going for the full-on cafe experience, it wouldn’t be complete without a tasty morsel. This requires the good stuff, not the hobnobs, or even those with chocolate on.

A cheeky pastry, flaky and buttery; a delicately iced cupcake; or even a slice of that banana bread you’ve finally mastered, gently grilled.

The Moment

Find your spot. The sun-drenched chair, the cosy corner, just somewhere that is not your desk!

Pop on an ambient playlist, open that book or crack out a crossword, or simply take a moment to just enjoy.

Inhale the steamy coffee. Savour the crumbly cake. Breathe.

Drink, contemplate and be; just for these few moments. This is your time to focus on enjoying the smaller things in life, for taking time out for yourself, and for that moment of self-care.

Although it may seem counterproductive to set time aside to not “do”, in fact taking a break can clear your head, allowing you to recharge and refocus and thus return to work with increased productivity.

It’s no surprise that the Scandinavians – embracers of terms like Hygge and Fika  – who dedicate time to enjoy the small pleasures, are some of the happiest people, with significantly lower workplace stress than those of us in the UK.

Even if you do this twice a week, invest time in you. It’ll be undeniably refreshing, and your
mental wellbeing will thank you.

I say it’s time to revitalise the once-forgotten coffee break and add a little zen zone into your

About the author

Robyn owns and runs Forest Edge Roasting, a sustainable and speciality coffee roaster based in the New Forest. They encourage sustainability from ground to cup, striving for a product that benefits everybody – from farmer to customer, and of course the planet. With coffees scoring 80+ you can be certain your cup of coffee will be super tasty, freshly roasted and ethical too. 

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