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Buy nothing new dare – information and tips

Buy nothing new

Welcome to the Buy nothing new dare! This challenge will help you to do your part in cutting back on consumer culture by simply stopping shopping for new items!



Overconsumption of goods is causing damage to our planet. From environmental damage caused by mining precious minerals used in tech, through to pesticide pollution and water wastage from growing cotton to feed the fast fashion industry – we need to cut back on ‘stuff’ to make a big change!

Did you know that 10% of global carbon emissions are from the fashion industry?(1) Or that the minerals required to make smartphones are displacing people and fuelling conflict in some Africa?(2)

It’s time to rethink our consumer habits!

Some essential items that have to be bought new are excluded from this dare  (toothbrushes, underwear, menstrual products, toilet roll, etc). This challenge is all about buying nothing new that could be borrowed, rented or bought second hand. During each stage of the dare, you will get fun tips, helpful hacks and interesting links on how to achieve your goal. 

How will it work?


Repair: Instead of replacing broken items, learn how to repair them… or where to find a professional who can do it for you!

Empower yourself (and save money) by sewing patches, darning socks, fixing a puncture, mending furniture. If it’s broken, there’s probably a way to fix it! 


Rent: Loads of cool things can be rented instead of bought! From carpet cleaners and sports equipment through to designer dresses, we’ve got loads of hacks to help you find what you need. 

Borrow: Ask a friend, use a ‘library of things’ or find a neighbourhood WhatsApp group to borrow rarely-used items such as ladders, lawnmowers or camping equipment.

Find it second-hand: If it’s something you will use a lot and need to own, we’ve got lots of tips on how to find quality second-hand goods. Sometimes they are even free!

Learn how to step away from ‘retail therapy’ and stop buying the fashion myth! This dare will give you the space to take a break from consumerism, and reflect on what you really need in life. You’ll probably save a load of cash too!

We’re here at Ailuna to help make it easier for you. Ask a friend to join you on the dare – and remember to check in with the Ailuna Community to ask for advice and share your wins!


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  2. https://old.danwatch.dk/en/undersogelse/broken-promises/

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