Gamified teamwork and habit-building​

We know that taking action is the best way for users to create new positive self-beliefs around the impact that they can have around sustainability. Our approach is rooted in behavioural science, and it starts with a user selecting an individual challenge to build new habits, along with group chat to drive community engagement and leader board results reporting to drive recognition. 

Leaderboards, dashboards, impact reporting

Impact leaderboards are launching shortly. 

Later this year we are adding enterprise dashboards which feature CO2 impact and annual reporting.

Early Mover opportunity

Is your company a front running business that wants to drive activity and impact – and help shape Ailuna to your needs? Let’s talk about our Early Mover program which we are offering currently. You’ll benefit from significant discounts too…

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Inspired by James Clear’s Atomic Habits, sports apps such as Couch to 5K, and based on science, we have developed our unique behavioural change platform, focused on sustainability. 

Our proprietary backend, developed over 2 years, enables the creation of comprehensive user journeys, phased engagement and activation programs. From days and weeks, to months.

Only Ailuna gives you that.

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