Solve the business problem you want to tackle through our custom sustainability challenges & programms

We make sustainability a fun and rewarding experience

At Ailuna we believe that creating the right company culture is the foundation for success when it comes to bringing business ESG plans to life. And you can only do that if you engage with your employees and take them on their own sustainability journey.

Belief in sustainability follows action

The one thing that we do really, really well is delivering engaging sustainable habit building behaviour change. We have spent the past two years building and proving a sustainability training app which makes it fun for consumers to develop habits that feel good for the user and are good for the planet.

Become part of the global movement towards sustainable employee engagement by choosing Ailuna for Business - the leading solution trusted by organizations worldwide.

Corporate sustainability

Investing in sustainability is a triple win. It supports the climate emergency, drives business value AND attracts top talent.

Employee sustainability engagement

We have spent the past two years building and proving a sustainability training app for consumers which can now be applied to company teams. 

Impactful Programs

Solve the business problem that you want to tackle through our wide range of sustainability challenges and custom programs, where employee belief follows action.

Gamified teamwork and habit building

Encourage employees to take that first step and then reinforce those new habits through incentives and rewards.

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